The 4th Pomelo: Dean & Deluca

Pomelo Tree is going to bring you our 1st gourmet discovery: Dean and DeLuca that has just landed in Singapore! Please get onboard Pomelo Airline now! 

Destination: New York
Time: 2.15 PM Singapore Time

Dreaming about spending a quiet and comfortable afternoon in New York? Dream no more! Dean & Deluca is probably one of the closest place you can get to enjoy the New York experience! This chain of upscale grocery stores has stepped into our sunny island; opening it’s first flagship store at Orchard Central Singapore.

Dean & Deluca is made up of 3 different elements:

1. A Wide Selection of Cheese & Charcuterie
2. Dine-in Cafe
3. Grocery & Kitchenware SHOPPING

The 1st Section: A Wide Selection of Cheese & Charcuterie!

Look at these! The varieties of cheese and charcuterie are so amazingly huge that makes you feel like buying a bit of  each home! All these products are all freshly imported from New York! 

The 2nd Section: Grocery & Kitchenware Shopping!

We personally love the retail section. Two thirds of the outlet was transformed into a mini supermarket which carries most of their own house brand products. 

That consists of an extensive range of exotic herbs & spices, pasta, preserves and salts like Truffle Sea Salt. See the rainbow colored containers? They are actually icing sugar! Pretty isn’t it!

Not enough? Dean & DeLuca has their personalized house brand kitchenware such as cups, shopping bags, oven gloves etc to bring home! Souvenirs from New York! You can simply die from happiness!

Furthermore, their product packaging is so creative and unique, that you can always consider it for a gift! See the Lego Candy Blox!

Do you have a sweet tooth? If you do, you must make a visit to Dean & DeLuca to grab their chocolates and sweets home! They look so appealing even we could not resist them ourselves!

The 3rd Section: The Dine-In Cafe!

After all the shopping, you can always take a break and have a munch at their dine-in cafe which can seat around fifty people! They have quite a variety of food selection: Soups, Salads, All Day Breakfast, Pasta & Desserts and how most importantly, our Coffee & Tea!

We know! We know! Your salivary glands are active already! Haha look at their varieties of appetizing looking pastries! Good food comes before calories, yes? Haha! Their pastry selection is really huge and we tried their lemony custard bun ($4.50) which was really good! The bread was soft and the lemon custard simply melts in your mouth.

We also tried their mushroom soup ($10) which was surprisingly good! It is really thick and for every mouth of soup, you could taste bits & pieces of different species of mushrooms. It was definitely worth my 10 bucks!

We wanted to try their Portobello Cheese Burger with Augus Beef (YUM!), but they ran out of it! So, we chose another of the recommended breakfast, The New Yorker ($22). The New Yorker comprised of scrambled eggs with truffles and dill-cured salmon on toasted bagel, spreader with cream cheese. Well… it was not what we’ve expected. The scrambled eggs were a little bland. Other than that, it was average.

Dean & DeLuca‘sCoffee however is highly recommended! The aroma of their daily brew totally drowned us! We ordered their Cafe Latte ($6.50) and it was strong and slightly more acidic than usual lattes! It is a must try!

One thing we guess Dean & Deluca has to improve on is their efficiency Perhaps they were shorthanded due to the overwhelming crowd for lunch! It takes about 20 mins for a breakfast and 10-15mins waiting time for a cup of coffee!

We are landing! Pomelo Airlines had an enjoyable flight journey with you! We hope you enjoyed taking Pomelo Airlines and we look forward to serving you again! Meanwhile we will leave the details of Dean & DeLuca if you would like to further personally experience this gourmet-ful journey!

Dean & DeLuca Singapore
181 Orchard Road, 
#04-23/24 Orchard Central, 
Singapore 238896
Phone:  +65 6509-7708     
Operating Hours:
Daily from 11 am to 10 pm

Thank you and have a safe journey! If you have any queries, do email us at or visit us at ! Pomelo Tree is very happy to serve you today!

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The 4th Pomelo: The 2nd Story

Hello 안녕 你好! Pomelo Tree is here to bring you our 4th Collection: The 2nd Story!

7: I Have A Dream

A dream is a dream you can never hold in your hands
A dream is a dream that fades away
I have a dream… and a dream will only be true; if you hold on to it.

8: The Butterfly Collar

With a touch of exquisite majesty, butterfly collar emphasize the beauty of your collar bone and makes you the attention of the crowd. The extraordinary; one and only.

9: Dangling Mudan 牡丹花

Mudan (Peony) symbolizes loyalty, happiness and eternal beauty. Peonies were named in honor of Paeon, the physician of the gods. These pairs of exquisitely carved Peony flowers adds on elegance and cultivation to your defined beauty.

10: Triangle Tangle 

Love the tangling wonders of the triangles? This unique design is full of mysterious bewilderment; making you fall in love with it unconditionally.

11: Royal Egyptian

Barge into the forbidden world of Queen Cleopatra and seek the egyptian marvel.  Be astonished! The contrasting orange and green will delineate you from the rest.

12: HelloKitty Glasses

Want to be the outstanding and dainty looking one in the ball? You need these adorable HelloKitty Glasses that are currently the most fashionable cute little things that you can’t go without!

Alright! We have given you a little preview of our 4th Pomelo Collection in these two posts! Are you excited to see more? Do visit for the entire collection! Do email us at or live a comment at this post! Look forward to our write up on Dean & Deluca!

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The 4th Pomelo: The 1st Story

Pomelo Tree is here to bring you our 4th Collection: The 1st Story! Later, we will be bringing you to one step closer to New York as we stepped into the world of Dean and Deluca; a newly opened Cafe at Orchard Central Singapore! Going on to our latest collection! If interested, do leave a comment and Pomelo Farmers will reply you in no time!

1: The Petal Foilage

With three different colours of Spring, the petal foilage is a rubber band that is newly brought in from South Korea. The quality of these rubber bands are very durable and the colours are so bright and happy, they will make you feel loved every moment!

2: Tranquility

Tranquility comes in pink and cyan. Like beautiful blossoms in the spring, this hair clip is one of the most fashionable statement today. Bringing out the elegance and beauty in you.

3: The Chinese Wayang

With Arts so defined in today’s society, Chinese opera brings to you a sense of nostalgic and mysterious elegance. Chinese wayang is a tradition art form adopted from the Canton province of China. Bringing to you a defined class

4: The Masquerade 

Show your individuality to the world by wearing this masquerade. Masked and mysterious; bringing you into the world of “Phantom of the Opera”.

5: Emerald Green

Hear the call of the “Wizard of Oz” and enter the emerald world of enchanted wonders. Emerald Green will definitely bring out the magic in you.

6: The Jewel Ball

Like Princess Anastasia dancing in the ballroom with her utmost magnificence, let the Jewel Ball lead you to Prince Charming. This pair of Jewel Ball is made of beautiful swarovski crystals.

Excited to see more? Pomelo Tree will be be showing you more of our 4th Collection! To view the rest of the collection in the meanwhile, do visit ! Thank you!

Love, Pomelo Farmers

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Planting the Pomelo Seed

Hello Everybody! 안녕하세요! 你好!

Pomelo Tree is going to have its own wordpress from today, this moment onwards! Are you excited? *nodds*! I am sure you are! A short introduction?

Pomelo Tree was founded on 27th October 2011 by two young ladies (US!) who have a love for classy, crafted, unique accessories. Our accessories are all handpicked from all over the world; mainly from our favourite country, Korea!  Basically, we bring in accessories in limited quantity; emphasizing strongly on the quality and the individuality of every single piece of jewelry. Pomelo Tree also brings you reasonably priced high quality rings!

For example, every piece of ring, there’s only 2 of every design. Once sold, it will not be restocked! So YOU are the ONLY one that owns this beautiful ring.

So, why did we start this wordpress page? We not only want to bring you our appealing Pomelo collections; we want to bring you through a gourmet experience! We will be taking you along with us to discover  lovely and exclusive cafes in Singapore! ( and soon… all over the world!) So, what are you waiting for! Before we continue with our grandmother stories,

“Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal.” – Yves Saint-Laurent
Your Fashion, Your Trend!

Love, Pomelo Farmers

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